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Adams County Jury Convicts Jeremy Webster of 2018 Murder of 13-Year-Old Boy in Westminster During Road-Rage Incident

April 26, 2023

Brighton, CO — Today, 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason is announcing the Murder conviction of Jeremy Webster, 28, following a three-week jury trial in Adams County District Court. 

June 14, 2018 was an idyllic summer day for Meghan Bigelow and her three boys. They saw friends and swam at the local pool before afternoon dentist appointments at Children's Dentistry in Westminster.

On the way to the dentist's office, Meghan and the boys heard an emergency vehicle approaching. With her turn signal on, Meghan attempted to merge into the right lane of Sheridan Boulevard, but there was a vehicle next to her so she stayed in her lane and offered an apologetic wave to the driver. 

The driver was clearly upset by Meghan's attempt to yield to the emergency vehicle and merge into his lane. Jeremy Webster, who was 23 years old at the time, began to yell obscenities in Meghan's direction. Webster followed Meghan and the boys into the parking lot of Children's Family Dentistry along 80th Avenue near Sheridan Boulevard. 

Meghan, her sons Vaughn, Jr., 13, Cooper, 12, and Asa, 7, exited their vehicle. Meghan and the defendant argued in the parking lot for a moment as the boys stood nearby. Webster started to drive away, and Meghan pulled out her cell phone and took a picture of Webster's license plate. At that point, Webster stopped his vehicle, grabbed a handgun, and got out of the car. Meghan told her boys to run. 

Webster opened fire on Meghan. The defendant shot her in the back, walked up to her while she was lying on the ground injured, and
then shot her in the head. Webster then turned his attention to Asa who was crouched on the ground with his hands over his head. Webster shot the boy in the back and the head. The defendant proceeded to shoot Vaughn, Jr. in the head at point-blank range. Webster placed the barrel of the gun flush to the boy's head while he was kneeling on the ground and pulled the trigger. 

Vaughn, Jr. died as a result of the gunshot wound to the head. Meghan and Asa were both taken to local hospitals with life-threatening injuries. They survived but still suffer from serious impairments as a result of the shooting. Doctors removed a significant portion of Meghan's large intestine and her appendix. She is unable to hear out of her right ear. Meghan also had a skull fracture, experienced extreme hemorrhagic shock, and facial nerve damage.

Asa suffered a brain injury, hearing loss in his right ear, right-handed weakness, leg weakness, and drop foot. The responding officer, who encountered Asa after the shooting, said the boy had a dislocated eye and his intestines were outside of his body. Cooper was able to flee without suffering any physical injuries. Meghan's husband told her about Vaughn, Jr.'s passing two weeks after the shooting while she was recovering in her hospital room. She was reunited with Asa on July 8, 2018, on what would've been Vaughn, Jr.'s 14th birthday. 


(Pictured from Left to Right: Vaughn, Jr., Vaughn, Sr., Cooper, Asa, Meghan Bigelow)

After shooting Meghan Bigelow and her sons, Jeremy Webster targeted John Gale who was sitting in his truck in the parking lot with his nine-year-old daughter. Webster fired numerous shots into Gale's truck. Gale suffered injuries to his right arm, hand, and wrist. Gale frantically exited his vehicle, grabbed his daughter from the back seat, and ran down the sidewalk along 80th Avenue. Webster fired his gun until it was out of ammunition, 13 shots in total. 

Webster fled the scene in his vehicle, bought a saw at Home Depot, and returned to work at a home where he was completing a job for his cousin's construction business. That evening, law enforcement took the defendant into custody along I-25 in Castle Rock while he was on his way to his home in Colorado Springs. 

Jeremy Webster entered a Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity plea. Dr. Christina Gliser, a forensic psychologist, evaluated the defendant. The Court appointed Dr. Gliser to interview Webster and review his records as a result of his NGRI plea. Dr. Gliser concluded that Webster did not suffer from a mental disease or defect and was legally sane at the time of the offense. 

 On April,
26, 2023, an Adams County Jury convicted Webster of the following charges: 
  • Murder 1-After Deliberation
  • Murder 1-After Deliberation-Attempted (4 counts)
  • Murder 1-Extreme Indifference (2 counts)
  • Assault 1-SBI with Deadly Weapon (3 counts)
  • Assault 1-Extreme Indifference
  • Assault 1-Extreme Indifference-Attempted
  • Sentence Enhancer: Violent Crime-Cause Death/SBI (4 counts)
  • Sentence Enhancer: Violent Crime-Used Weapon (6 counts)
Adams County District Court Judge Priscilla Loew immediately sentenced the defendant to Life Without the Possibility of Parole.  

On June 14, 2018, Mr. Webster brought destruction, carnage and terror to two families and the entire Adams County community," said District Attorney Brian Mason. "Today, nearly five years later, a jury of his peers has brought justice to Mr. Webster. Mr. Webster’s actions that day were unconscionable and horrific. He literally sought to execute an entire family, killing a child and inflicting devastating wounds on the rest – and then seeking to kill a witness who watched the first execution happen. The magnitude of this crime defies words or explanation, yet the jury’s swift and decisive verdict now brings justice to this horrific case.  I thank the Westminster Police Department for their outstanding work on this case and I thank my team from the District Attorney’s Office for their exceptional work in securing this verdict. I further thank the jury for returning a just verdict in the case. And finally, I thank the families for their courage and resilience the last five years. I hope this verdict will bring them some solace as they continue to mourn and suffer from this unspeakable crime.”

Assistant District Attorney Jess Redman and Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Prince led the prosecution of this case. 


# # #

District Attorney Mason assumed the oath of office on January 12, 2021. The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office endeavors to seek justice on behalf of the citizens of Adams and Broomfield counties in felony and misdemeanor cases. DA Mason and his staff are dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system to better serve the citizens of the 17th Judicial District.

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