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Defendant Convicted of Murder for Fatally Shooting Girlfriend in Adams County

February 23, 2023

Brighton, CO — Today, 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason is announcing the Murder conviction of Jeffrey Aschenbrenner, 34, after a five-day jury trial in Adams County District Court. 

On November 27, 2021, Monica Medina, 43, was in the process of moving out of the home that she shared with her live-in boyfriend, Jeffrey Aschenbrenner. In the early morning hours of November 27th, Medina and her father packed her belongings into her father's truck, which they then parked on the road, before separately driving her Red Audi and her White Mercedes to a gas station near her home along Picadilly Road in Adams County. 

Medina's father left the Mercedes at the gas station and he got into the Audi with his daughter. When they arrived back in the area of the home, Aschenbrenner was waiting for them across the street from where Medina's father's truck was parked. Aschenbrenner proceeded to fire three shots.

Medina and her father took off in the Audi and Aschenbrenner followed behind in his vehicle. Aschenbrenner eventually caught up to the Medinas and fired again into the vehicle. One of the bullets struck Monica in the hip, and she later died at a local hospital. 
On February 17, 2023, an Adams County Jury convicted Aschenbrenner of the following charges: 
  • First-Degree Murder (F1)
  • Second-Degree Murder (F2) 
  • Second-Degree Attempted Murder (F3)
On April 13, 2023, an Adams County District Court Judge sentenced Aschenbrenner to Life Without the Possibility of Parole in the Department of Corrections. 

"This was a deplorable and cowardly crime,” said District Attorney Brian Mason. “The defendant’s actions took a life and destroyed countless others. I am grateful for the work of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office in investigating this case and for my team at the District Attorney’s Office for their work in securing this conviction."

Senior Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Sisk and
Senior Deputy District Attorney Lamar Sims led the prosecution of this case. 

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District Attorney Mason assumed the oath of office on January 12, 2021. The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office endeavors to seek justice on behalf of the citizens of Adams and Broomfield counties in felony and misdemeanor cases. DA Mason and his staff are dedicated to transforming the criminal justice system to better serve the citizens of the 17th Judicial District.

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